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Kimberlie Baranek

Kimberlie Baranek of Addleman & Associates
Kimberlie Baranek
Office Administrator


Ph:   (619) 677-5651
Fax: (619) 866-6137

Kimberlie Baranek is an Office Administrator at Addleman & Associates. She works directly with Anna Addleman, the Founder and Managing Director. In this central role, Kimberlie manages multiple company vendors and provides ongoing administrative assistance to our experienced professionals. She serves as a coordinator for the San Diego, Del Mar and Orange County offices – tasked with keeping the offices operating efficiently.

Kimberlie also assists with special projects and provides support and encouragement to the entire team of professionals. 

Mrs. Baranek has over 25 years of experience working as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, working directly with CEOs, attorneys, and CPAs on office activities from invoicing to scheduling to Accounts Receivables.