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Marital Dissolution

  • Income available for support – used to assist in determining spousal and child support
  • Asset tracing
  • Asset characterization
  • Analysis of unrecorded income and assets
  • Marital standard of living or lifestyle analysis
  • Apportionment and reimbursement
  • Pereira/Van Camp analysis
  • Equity award (e.g., stock option, RSUs, etc.) analysis
  • Business valuation
  • Post-separation accounting
  • Assisting in preparation of Income and Expense disclosure statements
  • Assisting in preparation of Asset and Debt disclosure statements

Addleman & Associates provides specialized litigation support services in marital dissolution matters. Our professionals have experience in determining income available for support, determining marital standard of living, identifying and tracing assets, valuing businesses, apportionment and reimbursement calculations, post-separation accounting, equity award analysis (stock options, RSUs, etc.), assistance in preparation of both Income & Expense and Asset & Debt disclosure statements, and analysis of unrecorded income and assets for marital estates of all sizes.

We assist counsel and their clients through all phases of the financial aspect of the dissolution process. We provide assistance through discovery and disclosure, document and data accumulation, financial analysis, mediation presentations, settlement assistance, and when necessary, reporting via written or oral expert testimony.

Our experts are experienced in providing testimony in Family Courts, as well as proceedings before private mediators, judges, and in the collaborative divorce process.